0845: Introduction and welcome – Kristian Beckers

0900: Keynote – Angela Sasse (Title: “They’re requirements, Jim, but not as we know them” – managing usability and security requirements during the development process) – Session Chair: Shamal Faily

1000: Coffee

1030: Session 1: Leveraging Expertise – Session Chair: Seok-Won Lee

  • Semiautomatic Security Requirements Engineering and Evolution using Decision Documentation, Heuristics, and User Monitoring (slides)
  • Argumentation-Based Security Requirements Elicitation: The Next Round  (slides)
  • Towards a Framework to Measure Security Expertise in Requirements Analysis  (slides)

1200: Lunch

1330: Session 2: Evolving Security Requirements Engineering – Session Chair: Shamal Faily

  • Supporting Evolving Security Models for an Agile Security Evaluation   (slides)
  • Using Malware Analysis to Improve Security Requirements on Future Systems  (slides)
  • Pattern-Based and ISO 27001 Compliant Risk Analysis for Cloud Systems  (slides)

1500: Coffee

1530: Session 3: Private, Legal (and Secure) by Design – Session Chair: Nancy Mead

  • Engineering Privacy Requirements: Valuable Lessons from Another Realm  (slides)
  • L-SQUARE: Preliminary Extension of the SQUARE Methodology to Address Legal Compliance  (slides)

1630: Invited Talk – Aljosa Pasic, ATOS (Title: Market trends and business challenges in security and privacy requirements engineering) – Session Chair: Kristian Beckers  (slides)

1700: Closing remarks

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